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Above: Me and my lovely wife! News
1.26.05 I just finally put up a whole ton of pictures from my Europe trip. :) Enjoy!!
12.22.04 I'm just playing around with a simpler, more robust and usable layout. The page may be rather disfuctional for awhile though, until I get all the kinks worked out.
12.7.04 Liz has got her site just about done and it's looking great. Check it out here: Liz's Spot
12.7.04 Posted a bunch of new pictures of all sorts of stuff from the past two months.
10.14.04 Posted a bunch of new pictures of all sorts of stuff from the past month+.
9.3.04 Changed the logging code to a newer PHP format. Now, I can pick up EVERYONE who hits up my site, including search engines. This is really interesting...I've gotten like 25 search engine hits today...
9.2.04 Put up a few new Shadow pictures and then some pictures from the Third Day show in Harrisonburg that I went to a couple weeks ago.
8.9.04 Put up some pictures of my new cat, Shadow, on the pictures page, and also uploaded a whole new section of nature pictures from this past weekend.
7.17.04 I FINALLY have put up all my new pictures that have been on my hard drive for months now. Check out the updated pictures section here.
6.19.04 For all you blog addicts out there (you know who you are ;-) ) I've decided to make it easier to feed the need. I now have the subdomain set up. Enjoy. :)
4.25.04 Hey I'm blogging! w00t! Too bad nobody cares, but if you happen to, you can read all my boring jargon about life here.
4.23.04 Not much new to the website, but some awesome news elsewhere. Just got off the phone with a lady from The Warehouse...the Dave Matthews Band fan club...and they selected me to get upgraded to FRONT ROW tickets for the Nissan Pavilion show on July 11!!!!!! I'm so STOKED right now, this is incredible! Pic of the best thing I've ever seen.
3.9.04 Uploaded the Dave Matthews & Friends cover of Solsbury Hill to the mp3 page.
3.9.04 Finally got some time to update this site! I made a whole new area which is my Photo Album. It has all my old pictures plus a bunch of new ones. Check it out here or click on "Pictures" in the menu.
10.1.03 Put up a page that I will update periodically with mp3 tracks from various live shows. Check it out here.


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